With the tremors of the Peshawar attack still resounding in the world, school security has become a major concern in the whole world. Terrorism and hence personal insecurities are on a rise, making school security an important

segment of world security.
Social tribulations like child abuse and bullying can be a major concern for parents and teachers alike. Personal security of each student requires immediate attention from the school authorities.

 Thus said, schools need to have appropriate security measures in pace to protect school property and ensure a safe and secure environment for staff and students. Schools have the prime responsibility to educate their students, teachers and staff about the threats and preventive measures required in case of a security breach with the help of drills and workshops. This will help sensitize students towards each other and also make them aware of a need for security and alertness at all times.
The mere presence of a camera can be a restraint to objectionable behaviour, within or outside of a school campus.
With the requirement for Smart cities, there is a growing need for Smart schools as well.
CBSE has announced a prerequisite for installation of CCTV cameras in all schools, expanding the scope of the market. Delhi government has initiated the setting up of CCTV cameras in all government schools not only for security purposes but for teacher quality assessment as well. Biometric attendance through security systems for teachers is a yet another important application of security solutions in the Education sector.
One such project was initiated by Sparsh in 5 Delhi government schools, inaugurated by the Delhi education minister, Shri Manish Sisodia. The Teacher Monitoring System installed is a unique solution that focuses on evaluating the quality of teaching.  It generates a time-on-task report for each government school teacher, based on the parameters of discipline, punctuality and teaching excellence. The self analysis report helps in comparing staff with other teachers in the district and with teachers in the department of education.
We, at Sparsh, are working proactively to develop a safe, inclusive environment for the education communities by integrating technology with hardware support and providing a comprehensive solution to ensure a safe learning environment. The intelligent Audio Monitoring & Broadcast system, is the recommended solution for situations pertaining to school security. 
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