How has smart home solutions evolved in India?

The need for safe and secure homes is one of the main reason


How has smart home solutions evolved in India?

The need for safe and secure homes is one of the main reason for home owners to consider buying a Smart Home.People  are also looking to buy Smart Homes for other aspects such as comfort and energy efficiency.
It is estimated that the Smart Homes solutions market in India is growing in India at a rate of 30 percent annually. At this rate, the market will double in revenue every 3 years. The home automation market in India is expected to reach INR 8800 crores by 2017.
We have accepted the value and security provided by smart home,and the ease of managing and monitoring home appliances and devices any time,from any location.

What are the opportunities for smart home solutions in IoT era in India?

 At home IOT is home automation.A few years from now,according to assumed improvements  in IOT, home smart devices would learn to communicate with other smart devices. It provides a platform for multi-disciplinary, multi-organizational collaboration by being an open forum of experts across academia, government, industry, startups and professional bodies collaborating to help efficient and effective technology enablement . The growth opportunities of the home automation market are due to increasing adoption of automated services, and government incentives for green initiatives.
What are the latest applications in Smart Homes?
The Internet of Things (IoT) will revolutionize and change the way all businesses, governments, and consumers interact with the physical world.A large number of Internet-enabled but physically unconnected devices in India will be connected to the Web and the country could become very relevant in the M2M communications landscape in the near future.
The  coceptof home security include Surveillance, Sensorsclimate/temperature,entertainment systems, Locks.Security  cameras are an essential component to a home security system.

How to effectively manage smart home solutions in the Indian environment?

Today, we have a IoT  of devices such as smartphones and wearables with which we can manage our  smart phone. Sitting far away from your home, you can not only ensure safety and security for your loved ones but also control various electronic appliances such as AC, TV etc.Smart homes use a standard Wi-Fi connectivity to manage devices; but having a mesh of Wi-Fi access points provides an easy-to-administer system. It’s the Internet of Things (IoT) that takes home automation to the next level by allowing devices to communicate and send information.

What are the challenges faced by system Integrators?

Every household has a specific set of requirements and hence, the smart home installations need to be customized to meet individual requirements. This will ensure most efficient and cost effective network.
Lower awareness – the older generation of home buyers are still not completely confident of the advantages of smart home features
Lack of standards and non-availability of high speed and reliable Internet services, indigenous manufacturing.