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Sparsh – Humble Beginnings

True entrepreneurship and high standards
Sparsh Securitech was established on 1st April 2002 as a Proprietorship company by Sanjeev Sehgal, an Electronics Engineering Graduate with a vision to ingeniously design and manufacture intelligent Security Equipment in India.
The focus was to indigenously design and manufacture Intelligent and Innovative Electronic Security Equipment. In last decade and half Sparsh has emerged as a trusted Video Surveillance Brand in India providing End to end Video Surveillance Solutions with local R&D, manufacturing and after Sales support. The complete product portfolio from Analog, Analog HD and IP Video Surveillance products and solutions covering the entire spectrum of customers. Moving ahead focus is on creating Internet of Things (IOT) products in Security to widen the use of IP and Mobile Networks.

Turning Points

2002-2004 – A Leader was born
Our first product was a Remote Operated Video Switcher. Indian Video Surveillance market was in nascent stage and we were the first company to manufacture the “Remote Operated” Microcontroller based Video Switcher.
Moving on in less than year’s time Sparsh launched Video Matrix Switcher at an unheard – unbelievable price in India, which gave recognition and established Sparsh as an innovative serious player in Video Surveillance in India.
Sparsh Video Switcher
Sparsh Audio- Video Door Phones
2004-2006 – From Backbone to Brand
After establishing as backend support for the Video Surveillance, now it was the time to come in the front. It started with assembling of CCTV Cameras using imported Board Cameras under ”Sparsh” brand.
With focus on innovation and manufacturing, Sparsh introduced compact and elegant Alarm Panel for SOHO integrating Intruder and Fire Panel in one. It followed up with intelligent microcontroller based universal Audio- Video Doorphone which could be connected with any kind of Telephone Handset (Wired or Wireless) or EPABX System.
2006-2007 – A Giant Leap
When total Video Surveillance industry was focussed on imports and was unorganised, Sparsh came up with a second manufacturing facility at Special Economic Zone, 200 Kms. away from Delhi in holy town of Haridwar (Door to God).Proprietorship company was taken over by Pvt. Ltd. Company – Samriddhi Automations Pvt. Ltd. continuing with “Sparsh” as brand.
CCTV Cameras Manufacturing plant
Sparsh CCTV Cameras Manufacturer
2008 – India’s first CCTV Camera
Sparsh created history on 24th July’2008 by officially launching indigenously designed and manufactured CCTV Board Camera with technical support of Sony Electronics Pte Ltd. It revolutionized the Indian CCTV Industry, moving from import to manufacturing and export,
2009 – Mobile Video Surveillance anytime- anywhere
Moving ahead from Cameras, Sparsh was amongst firsts in world to launch Live Surveillance on Mobile Phones on GPRS network at ultra-low bandwidth with PC Based DVR Card system.
Certified CCTV Cameras
Sparsh DVR
2010 – DVR with Hindi GUI
innovation pace increased and new products started coming up at fast pace from Sparsh’s stable. Sparsh introduced Hindi language based Standalone DVR assembled with imported DVR cards.
2011 – Low resolution to High resolution
World was changing and hence demand for High Resolution Cameras. Sparsh launched Analog Cameras upto 700 TVL using Sony Effio-E chipsets.
CCTV Camera using Sony Effio-E Chipsets
Sparsh IP Cameras Manufactuer
2012 – First Made in India IP Camera and Video Encoder
Catching up with the market trend and demand, Sparsh introduced first indigenously designed and manufactured IP Camera and Video encoder using TI Davinci chipset DM365.. Video Encoder bringing more versatility and allowing user to integrate their existing Analog Cameras with IP Camera System.
2012 – First made in India DVR with Global Launch
Sparsh launched first made in India DVR based on TI Chipset at world’s largest Security Exhibition CPSE in China, taking “Made in India” brand at Global level.
Made In India DVR
IP Cameras DDNS Services
2013– Innovation continues……..
By 2013, Sparsh had established themselves as a serious player in video Surveillance market. It was time to consolidate and Sparsh strengthen their reach nationally and internationally by opening Sales and Service centres across India and US subsidiary – Sparsh Security System LLC.
Sparsh upgraded the technical support Centre to global standards by implementing IVRS. Sparsh launched “Sparsh Express DDNS Service” for providing free access and management to all its IP Camera and DVR product range on dynamic IP networks.
Sparsh completed the IP Camera portfolio by introducing cost effective cameras with 720P, 960P and 1080P resolutions supporting PoE.
Sparsh launched VMS software with 3 versions to cater all segments of the market supporting ONVIF and all major brands of Cameras worldover. In due course developing the in-house capabilities for Hardware, Embedded Software, VMS and Mobile applications.
2014 – Analog to HDAVI (HD Audio Video Interface)
Keeping in pace with Global markets Sparsh introduced HDAVI, HD Analog Camera and DVR range supporting 720P and 1080P resolutions.
HD Analog Cameras Manufacturer
CCTV Security Solutions
2015 – From Products to Solutions
After catching up with Global leaders, now it was the time to build solutions around products because customer expectations from the system increased. Customer demand from raw Video moved to intelligent information which can be used in minimal time.
Sparsh introduced “Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR)” system, amongst few in the world to provide complete solution with Integrated Hardware (Camera, Lens, Hosing and IR Illuminator) and Software.
Few other solutions introduced were “Parking Management System (PMS)”, “Integrated CCTV and Alarm System” for ATM and “Integrated Monitoring and Announcement System (i-MAS)”
2016– Customised Solutions
Now was the time to understand unique customer needs and provide customised solutions to them. Opportunity came knocking and Delhi Government came up with pilot project for Teacher Qualitative Analysis using CCTV System.
With Sparsh’s all-round expertise in Hardware, Software, VMS and Mobile Applications, has implemented the system to customer satisfaction in stipulated time. Now this system is being upgraded to Cloud which is expected to be up before the New year.
Best CCTV Cameras In Quality Award
Sparsh 4 in 1 CCTV Cameras
2016 Onwards
Now the focus is on a new wave of innovation. Apart from advances in Camera technology innovation ranging from basic Cameras to cameras with Edge-analytics, we are moving into new markets of Internet of Things (IoT).
Launching “Sparsh IoT” with Personal Tracker, having a roadmap to launch series of products in 2017, one product every quarter. Driven by our focus on new innovative technologies, smart solutions and customer needs, we target to introduce complete portfolio of IoT Security products in a year’s time.


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