Surveillance solutions for Bank
The biggest capital of each bank is the trust of its customers and the feeling that deposited funds are completely safe. Security is multidimensional in this case. Banking facility security plan consists of many elements and includes electronic security systems such as: video surveillance, intruder alarm, access control and fire alarm.

Sparsh has a wide range of cameras which are suitable for all banking security need, including:
• Branch Offices
• ATMs
• Cash van

Securing Branch Offices:
Branch offices face a variety of security challenges as criminals develop cleverer ways to bypass the traditional security measures. There are many areas to cover in a branch office, from overviews of the waiting areas and ATM vestibule, via images over the tellers, recycling area and vault, to close-up face images at the entrance and exit.

The biggest threats to security of bank branches are:
• enforcing the payment of money from the cash register
• breaking into bank branches
• problems with clients behaviour (objective events video verification)
• frauds (identification and recognition of people suspected of illegal activity)
• acts of vandalism (damage to ATM’s and other equipment

Securing ATMs

ATM security has turned into an industry in and of itself. ATM transactions are quick and convenient, but the machines and the areas surrounding them can be susceptible to criminal activity if not properly protected. The use of video surveillance, especially new IP-based security cameras can help to ensure that ATM transactions are safe.

ATM solution from Sparsh enable you the Benefits of:
• Prevent hold ups and violent confrontations
• Deter ATM skimming
• Digital storage – IP-based security cameras enable the user to store and back-up footage digitally on hard drives or servers.
• Criminal investigation
Hidden Security Camera
CCTV Camera

Securing Cash Van

Burglary and highway robbery of cash vans is on the increase. Once a burglary starts there is no way to raise an alarm till the burglary is completed. Sparsh E-Surveillance system with Active Deterrence will monitor your Cash Van from the start of the route till the end of the route that will not only detect any attacks online but will also attempt to prevent it immediately.

Threats for Cash Van:
• Anybody can enter through driver's cabin
• Monitoring of the activities in the Vehicle
• The driver's behavior in case of accidents is largely unmonitored
• Backup of video data
• Tracking of Vehicle

Cash Van Solution from Sparsh enables you:
• Live Monitoring of vehicle on remote location
• Live tracking the vehicles on google map
• Check the vehicle’s driving route history
• Create Geo-fence, alerts when the vehicle enter/leave the given area
• Monitor the vehicle’s fuel level & temperature in real time
• Integrated with VoIP technology
By installing these systems at Banks you acquire:
• Security at every angle
• Prevent violence and theft
• Minimize the costs for vandalism
• Investigate incidents and identify suspects
• improvement of surveillance system efficiency
• objective events video verification
• easy identification of people present at branches
• Improve operational efficiency and facilitate image extraction
• Enhance the customer experience


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