The essential element of video surveillance system implementation is pre-analysis of potential threats to the facility. Solutions adopted from other similar places might not be effective in other facility. Different institutions can be exposed to different dangers with varying intensity and specification, thus the video surveillance system must take into account such diversity.

Intelligent monitoring & announcement solution from Sparsh enables you to stay focused on your core business – education.
Sparsh has wide range of cameras which are suitable for all educational environments, including:

•  Hallways and corridors
•  Class rooms, computer rooms, etc.
•  Canteens, libraries and sports facilities
•  Entrances and exits
•  Playground, Campus Areas
•  Boundaries

The intelligent Audio Video Monitoring & Broadcast System, is recommended solution for the above-described situations and guarantees safety at school.

By installing these systems on the school ground you acquire:
•  Increase the security for students and staff
•  Two Way Communication
•  Increase efficiency of teacher
•  Prevent violence and theft
•  Minimize the costs for vandalism
•  Investigate incidents and identify suspects
•  improvement of surveillance system efficiency
•  objective events video verification
•  easy identification of people present at school