Solar Surveillance Cameras

Wi-FI/4G/ Hot-Spot Ready
Sometimes there’s a need for surveillance, but only for a limited period of time. And sometimes there are remote locations that need surveillance too.
In both the cases, it is too complex or expensive to install a dedicated network infrastructure for a traditional surveillance installation.
That’s when our deployable solutions make a big difference.
They are quick and easy to install, yet offer leading-edge surveillance
Solar Surveillance CCTV Cameras
Sparsh CCTV Camera
Reliable surveillance without a Physical Network
The solution consists of a IP cameras with built-in 3G and a software for remote video management and viewing. camera can be provided with built in Battery back and solar panel for battery charging.
Once camera is installed, you benefit from:
• Remote Streaming of live and recorded video, from any authorized computer or smartphone
• Push Notifications alerts for perimeter activity and intrusion
• A flexible, scalable and reliable surveillance solution that does not require an on-site physical network
Smart & Cost-Effective Solution for multiple Applications
This deployable security solution is suitable for many different applications like:
• Public, temporary events such as election rallies, protest, concerts marathons or festivals
• Construction sites, for security reasons or to share the construction progress over the Internet
• Road construction projects, where authorities need a live view for optimized traffic management
• Critical infrastructure, for reliable monitoring of remote and unattended sites
• Income Tax Raids, service Tax Raids
• BTS towers & Base station for telecom towers
• For temporary installations like construction sites, the same equipment can be used multiple times, making it an even more cost-efficient option.
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