Video Surveillance for Transportation

We understand the common security threats within the transportation sector include petty crime, harassment, liability suits, and vandalism. Our solutions are designed to insulate transportation systems from security threats and become safer environments for passengers.


Challenges During Operation

» Irregular driving: over-speeding, rapid acceleration/deceleration, sharp turn and other acts which seriously affect the safety of passengers.
» Unusual event: open the door while driving; the backdoor clips passengers; start driving the vehicle before passengers get off, which easily cause accidents.
» Emergencies: Extreme behaviour such as fire explosion on a bus, which need complete evidence.
» Vehicle breakdown: vehicle breaks down during the operation, which need to report immediately to avoid accidents.


Problems During Daily Operation

» Station line: a variety of complex station announcement line such as annular, U-shaped line which need automatic station announcement.
» Device maintenance: device replacement, maintenance which takes too long time and affect the normal operation of the vehicle.
» Video review: non-HD image quality has been far from meeting the requirements of a variety of evidence.
» Convenient scheduling: complex and cumbersome vehicle scheduling is less convenient than one key switch line.
» Scientific scheduling: scientifically analysing and scientifically modelling to solve problems such as delay and reasonable scheduling for traffic peaks and flats.