Not often is security required only at set locations with precise infrastructure to support the security hardware and software prerequisites. There is a need to provide surveillance at remote locations which cannot be catered by conventional solutions.
There are some places where it is virtually impossible to install surveillance equipment- outdoors. Lack of power and uncertain weather conditions play spoil sport to set up Video surveillance systems. Since the past few years, technology has evolved to help provide a gateway to this problem. Several companies have developed special enclosures to overcome the issues, and heaters and fans were added to keep sensitive equipment working. But these don't fare well to temperature changes and issues of moisture. There were certainly some outdoor systems that specialty vendors had created, but limitations persist.
Places like highways and expressways, construction sites or telecom towers now have a requirement for reliable and deployable security solutions. These can be for any of the reasons stated below:
• Public, temporary events such as election rallies, protest, concerts marathons or festivals
• Construction sites, for security reasons or to share the construction progress over the Internet
• Road construction projects, where authorities need a live view for optimized traffic management
• Critical infrastructure, for reliable monitoring of remote and unattended sites
• Income Tax Raids, service Tax Raids
• BTS towers & Base station for telecom towers
• For temporary installations like construction sites, the same equipment can be used multiple times, making it an even more cost-efficient option.
At Sparsh, we have developed solutions necessary for a limited period of time. And for remote locations that need surveillance too. In both the cases, it is too complex or expensive to install a dedicated network infrastructure for a traditional surveillance installation. It is therefore important to identify the location and its specific vulnerabilities to ensure that the right kind of security can be provided at all possible times.