•    How is the post sales service and maintenance scenario in India?
More than 50% of the security market is unorganized because of which the post sales service maintenance scenario in India is very bad. Most installers are uneducated. So the installations are not proper, there are regular performance issues and overall there is no result at the user’s end. So the market growth is not as expected.
•    What are the challenges and opportunities?
Qualified and trained manpower for execution of post sales services is not available. Where it is, high-cost becomes a major issue, and the customer is not ready to pay extra for this.
There is a huge opportunity in this segment if the above mentioned challenges can be overcome. If a company in the organized market segment can provide good service at reasonable cost and timely implementation, there is a huge prospect of growth in this sector.
The use of network software is becoming at par with hardware. So if one can satisfy all conditions, the opportunity is immense.

•    What are the new services initiated so far in the Security and Fire Safety domains?
At Sparsh the TAT (turn-around-time) for service of under-warranty products is 48 hours, which is achieved at a 98% success rate.
In case of out-of-warranty products, the technology has evolved in the past 3 years by manifold. Nevertheless, 95% service is provided for products dating as old as 5 years.

•    How service and maintenance can lead to customer loyalty?
Security is an electronic product. A lot of wiring is involved at each stage. So it is very common that the system may have certain problems. Thus if a customer gets proper maintenance at a reasonable budget, the customer loyalty increases.

•    What is the way forward?
As technology advances, the number of active cameras also increases and the role of analytics software also rises. To handle it, manpower is required. So under the national skills development program, job roles to maintain security systems has been defined. Thus more hands will be available for this segment in the coming days.