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Sparsh has revolutionized the Indian Electronics Security market by becoming the first firm in India to focus on indigenous design and manufacture of technologically advanced Electronic Security Equipment. Sparsh has led the market by introducing a new perspective instead of following the conventional path. We, at Sparsh, have always been in the forefront, taking up challenges. With prime focus on innovation and R&D, we have been able to sense the market demands, grab the opportunity, respond in-time and without compromising quality, always deliver the best possible products and solutions.

Investment in Technology and Human Capital

Sparsh’s investment in Research and Development since its inception has made it a market leader in the Indian Electronic Security Industry. Being the 1st Indian company to design and manufacture Remote Operated Switcher, Matrix Switcher, Micro-controller based Audio and Video Doorphone, Sparsh designed, developed and, manufactured CCTV Camera Board/ Module for the first time in India with Sony Electronics Pvt. Ltd. What differentiates Sparsh from others is that we invested in R&D when almost everyone else focused on Import.

Sparsh has always believed that Human Capital is the key to success. Instead of accruing human Capital, Sparsh has created it within the organization by believing in the proficiency of existing Sparshians (employees), providing them with training, upgrading their skills and ensuring that the relationship between Sparshians at all levels is positive and encouraging. Sharing information and acumen has been the key, empowering all stakeholders with an equal insight and knowledge. This approach has been responsible for innovation, which brings in a competitive advantage.

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Sparsh Parivaar (Family)

Sparsh believes that the mantra to success is building a healthy relationship with a people-focused approach which enables us to grow the Sparsh Parivaar (Family) each day. We are keen learners and are always open to new ideas, diverse perspectives, inventive partnerships and novel approaches of doing business. We welcome colleagues, technology partners, vendors and customers with open-arms, always critiquing our customer feedback so as to continuously improve our products and services.

Sparsh- Feel Secure

Our business is all about making the lives of our customers more secure and managing their facilities – to enable an environment of confidence. We are always striving to add new, pioneering, cost effective and reliable technologies to advance security for all.
From R&D and manufacturing to Sales and after Sale Service & Support, we expect and thus make sure that the same quality standards are maintained by all our vendors as well. We believe quality is one of the major keys to sustaining productive bonds.
Sparsh believes in not just providing recording devices but intelligent recording solutions that are reliable and user friendly. Sparsh is not just about providing video monitoring, recording and playback,it is about providing the required usable information when necessary, with absolute ease.
So, with “Sparsh Touch” customers are always assured that they are getting the latest technology with best quality from development of the product to committed customer service & support making them “Feel Secure.”


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