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Sparsh believes that Security is the basic right of every individual, where Governments and companies have the responsibility of providing a more secure world to their citizens, employees and customers. Video Surveillance contributes to security (crime prevention) deterrent, safety (disaster prevention), manpower saving and solving security and safety failure cases.

Sparsh sales team works along with their partners (resellers and system integrators) understanding customer requirement as the security need for each individual/company is unique and then providing them appropriate solution which suits their requirement. With in-house development of hardware, software and mobile applications, we are able to provide customised solutions to meet customer requirement. These solutions are then implemented by Sparsh partners who have been selected keeping in mind that project is implemented to customer satisfaction and to provide a “more secure world” to all.

Business Ethics

Ethical behaviour is intrinsic to the way Sparsh conducts business and is a part of the Sparsh Values, believing that business must operate in a way that respects the rights of all its stakeholders and creates an overall benefit for society.

Sparsh believes in adopting the best practices in terms of corporate governance that have always been and continue to be developed. The company conducts all aspects of its business with full transparency and accountability.

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Code of Conduct

Sparsh’s code of conduct serves as the ethical roadmap to all Sparshians. Code is a condition of service for all Sparshians and is also a pre-requisite for service of suppliers and vendors, who must agree to respect it. It is reviewed on regular basis to accommodate required and appropriate changes as the organisation grows. Sparshians are expected to act in accordance with the company’s code of conduct.

A strong corporate culture is a key factor behind Sparsh’s success – a culture characterized by openness, innovation, development and growth for all.

Better Environment

Responsible practices and procedures ensure that all aspects of Sparsh’s business is conducted with the utmost respect for the environment.

Starting from designing of our buildings to get maximum day light for minimizing the use of artificial light, every small aspect is taken care to minimize the waste of resources. RoHS implementation since 2008 when it was not mandatory in India. ISO 14001:2015 was implemented in 2015 to set up an effective environmental management system.

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Every business has an impact on the communities and societies in which it operates. Sparsh believes in taking baby steps so that they can impact the lives of their employees, customers, suppliers and other important stakeholders.

Sparsh educates their employees not to have early marriages, have less children, education for their children, clean environment and hygiene in their houses and places around them.

The strong corporate culture is a key factor of Sparsh’s continued success. Sparsh commits significant time and resources to create an attractive, open and stimulating work environment for all employees. In order to strengthen the corporate culture, Sparsh works actively to fortify the company’s core values among the employees. This promotes cooperation, encourages visionary and innovative thinking thus making leaders for tomorrow.

Respect for Woman

Sparsh, as a corporate culture, provides equal opportunities to women and men to excel in the company, regardless of background. More than 40% of Sparshians are women.

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Safe Workplace

Sparsh is committed to ensuring zero harm to our employees, contractors and the community in which we operate. This is an integral part of our business process and is laid down in our policies, standards and working procedures.


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